About Me

944653_10151465111663017_1852342210_nI am 21 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently at Uni studying a Bachelor of Business in Event Management. Hoping to work my way into the PR division of a publishing house. When I’m not at Uni or boring myself to death at my part time job, I like to read.

I’m just going to come right out and say it… I am a Bibliomaniac!

Bibliomanic: passionate enthusiast for collecting and possessing books.”


They say that the first step to getting help with an addiction is to accept what you have become first. Well, I am addicted to books and even though I admit it, I don’t want the help to fix it.

My book collection is extensive, organised and 100% loved. Alphabetisation is my best friend – WOOP WOOP! I read paperbacks or eBooks. Though I do have a rule that I must buy all my eBooks in print form for my personal library. I read at all hours of the day. You will never see me without a book or my iPad in my hand or handbag. I have a tendency to overdo it when I read. My family get pretty sick of me when I refuse to answer their questions, or I’m on my 4th book for the day. Hey, I admitted I had a problem!

I started this blog because I enjoy telling my friends and family about the new books I’ve discovered. It’s so much fun knowing that someone else also enjoys the same book genres as I do. I hope that this blog gives you an inside look into the books that I love to read and that you get to appreciate them along with me. So grab a cuppa, your reading buddy (if you have one) and sit back with one of my recommended reads! :)

– Emily-Jane.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nic to meet you! I can’t believe you have met Abbi Glines!! You are so lucky, being from Perth we don’t get much action here! Look forward to Reading your future posts! Xx

    • It’s nice to meet you too! :)
      Abbi was absolutely lovely. I have to admit that even in Melbourne, there are hardly any book signings. Especially when it comes to YA/NA authors.
      Hopefully she comes back again soon and goes to Perth! :)

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