Blog Tour, ARC Review & Giveaway: Various States of Undress: Carolina by Laura Simcox

Various States of Undress CarolinaWhat happens when the president’s daughter and her sexy Secret Service agent find themselves snowbound? A little cabin fever, some serious forbidden attraction, and Various States of Undress…

When Carolina Fulton, daughter of the President of the United States, dumps her cheating fiancé, she knows she needs a break from life in Washington. Spending some quality alone time in her family’s Wyoming cabin seems like a perfect escape—except for the hot Secret Service agent who shadows her every move. Miles away from civilization, Carolina quickly realizes that ignoring the smoky eyes, carved chin, and mile-wide pair of shoulders is going to require more than a little self-control.

Elite agent Jake Baxter knows better than to develop feelings for his clients. After all, he’s not being paid to fantasize about running his fingers through Carolina’s dark hair, kissing her senseless, or waking up next to her petite, curvy body. But as a blizzard rages outside their all-too-cozy cabin, Jake knows he has to put the freeze on this attraction, in case his job—or his heart—is suddenly laid on the line.


Title: Various States of Undress: Carolina
Author: Laura Simcox
Release Date: May 27th, 2014
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**ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

This was my introduction to Laura’s work and I was extremely happy with the outcome. I fell in love with the synopsis of this book and had a major fangirl moment when it uploaded to my iPad. Reading about the forbidden relationship between a President’s daughter and her Secret Service agent is just too intriguing to pass up – I’m Australian, that kind of stuff doesn’t even happen here. I live my life vicariously through books and this just ticked off another adventure for me.

Carolina is the daughter of the President of the United States and discovers that he fiancé is a cheating swine. In order to move on, Carolina believes that she needs to get some space from all of the drama and finds herself visiting her family’s cabin in Wyoming. Turns out that things get a whole lot concerning when a snowstorm hits, leaving Carolina stuck in close confines with her Secret Service agent, Jake. When sparks fly between the two, they know that their time together can only be short – savouring every moment of their brief affair. They discover that the paths they are following are anything but what they really want. Can they make a relationship work? Will they meet each other in the middle and sacrifice everything for love?

I loved Carolina. I loved Jake. Laura has provided us with some incredible characters that are easy to like and love. From the second I started this book, I was hooked. I couldn’t stop reading and I needed to know what would happen next for Carolina and Jake. Fair enough to say, I am now a fan of Laura.

I enjoyed reading this book from start to finish. There was something missing from the story which I think was the fact that their problems could have been solved a whole lot earlier and easier but nevertheless, I still loved Carolina and Jake’s story. This was and easy and entertaining read and should be considered by all Romance readers. I cannot wait to read the next books in this collection that follow the futures of Carolina’s sisters.

“I’m always careful.” And he was. But he’d been so busy protecting everything else that he’d left one thing completely and ironically vulnerable. His heart.


About the Author:

After spending years in professional theater as a costume designer, Laura Simcox eased out of the hectic whirlwind of opening nights and settled in a comfy desk chair to write romance. She believes that life is too short not to appreciate heartwarming, quirky humor and her novels are lighthearted journeys into the happily-ever-after. She lives in North Carolina with her true love and adorable little son.

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– Emily-Jane.


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