ARC Review: Revealing Us (Inside Out #3) by Lisa Renee Jones

Revealing Us

You’ve discovered Rebecca’s secrets.
You’ve discovered Sara’s secrets.
Now Sara will discover “his” deepest, darkest secrets…
but will those secrets bind them together–or tear them apart?


4.5 star review!

**ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

This novel follows on from Being Me and it is definitely a great addition to the Inside Out series. It is my favourite book so far!

After the ultimatum that Chris gives Sara at the end of Being Me, she does end up getting on the plane to go with him to Paris. I am so in love with their relationship and you can’t help but want them to be happy together.

“I am home. I am home because I am with him.”

Upon their arrival in Paris, Sara runs into a whole lot of trouble. With someone stealing her passport and now being accused of Rebecca’s disappearance back home in the US. I wanted Sara to fly back home and punch Ava in the face for accusing her, but without her passport I’ll just have to live with watching her relationship with Chris go through more good times and tough times together.

One of the main reasons that Chris and Sara are in Paris is because Ella still has not contacted Sara or returned home from her supposed ‘honeymoon’. It soon becomes evident that there are bigger forces playing a role in the situation with Sara feeling like she is being watched.

“Fear is controlling you and it’s tearing you up inside.”

One of Chris’ ex-lovers shows up while they are visiting Paris and tries anything and everything persuade Sara that she is not meant to be with Chris. I do not trust Amber as far as I could throw her and am sceptical of how far she’ll go to make sure that Chris is hers.

“If you were going to leave me alone, you should have walked away before now, when I still knew how to breathe without you.”

The novel ends with Chris finally revealing his secrets, a proposal and a cliffhanger in Ella’s point of view that made me want to prepare my martial arts skills (that I don’t really have), and save her. In this novel we don’t get to see a lot of Mark as we have previously in the first two books, but I cannot wait to see what happens next for Sara, Chris, Mark & Ella.

Available for purchase on iTunesAmazon and Book Depository.
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– Emily-Jane.


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