Review: Burn (Breathless #3) by Maya Banks


Ash, Jace, and Gabe: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They’re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Ash, it’s the woman who changes everything he’s ever known about dominance and desire…

When it comes to sex, Ash McIntyre has always explored his wilder side—extreme and uncompromising. He demands control. And he prefers women who want it like that. Even the women he’s shared with his best friend, Jace.

But Jace is involved with a woman he has no intention of sharing. And now even Gabe has settled into a relationship with a woman who gives him everything he needs, leaving Ash feeling restless and unfulfilled.

Then Ash meets Josie, who seems immune to his charms and his wealth. Intrigued, he begins a relentless pursuit, determined she won’t be the one who got away. He never imagined the one woman to tell him no would be the only woman who’d ever drive him to the edge of desire.


4.5 star review!

I’m really shattered that the Breathless series is finished; I loved reading about Gabe, Jace and now Ash. 

Ash is trying to deal with the changes around him after Gabe and Jace has both found love. While wondering around Bryant Park, Ash immediately notices a woman sketching. He is intrigued when he notices that she is wearing a collar that identifies her as a submissive. Ash approaches Josie and asks her about her choker and she explains that it was a gift and that the man does not own her. Ash wants nothing more than to make her his.

After their meeting in the park, Ash has Josie followed. He discovers that she is low on money and helps her anonymously by buying back the jewellery that she pawned, as well as her paintings in the local gallery. He intends to return her jewellery to her and propositions her into having dinner with him. When he notices that she no longer wears her collar, Josie tells him that he is the reason why. Josie is then left to decide whether she wants to be with Ash as his submissive or not. It is evident that Ash’s feelings run deeper than just caring for her as a dominant.

“You’re fucking perfect for me and you need to always remember that.”

As the days pass, Ash becomes impatient that Josie has not given him an answer. Josie has been hiding from him after she was attacked by her previous dominant. Though that is not the only danger that Josie is put in during the novel. When a previous enemy makes a return and threatens everything that Ash, Jace and Gabe love; what will they do in order to protect what is theres?

“You were the best – and worst – thing that ever happened to me.”

I never realised how determined Ash is to protect the ones that he loves. He goes to great extents to not only make Josie safe, but also Mia and Bethany. I was in awe of his love for his family.

During the book, Ash’s sister walks back into his life and asks for help to get away from his mother and father. I was extremely skeptical that she was using him to some degree. The more the novel progressed, the more I started to finally trust Brittany. She genuinely wants to follow in her brothers foot steps and break away from their unhealthy family.

“You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.”

The one thing that I was really upset about in this book was that we didn’t get to see Gabe and Mia get married. It felt like the build up through the previous books was diminished when the day was skipped. But nevertheless, it was still a great addition to the series.

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– Emily-Jane.


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