Event: #PTALive Melbourne

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Last night I took a break from reading and went over to the Penguin office in Melbourne for Penguin Teen Australia Live. I live tweeted the event on @EmJsBookCorner and you can also look through other tweets using the #PTALive hashtag.

Penguin office in Melbourne

I was crazy-excited when we arrived at the Penguin building because I have been reading Penguin books for as long as I can remember, and to see where a lot of the publishing magic happens was pretty awesome. The building was very trendy and my favourite part was that there were books EVERYWHERE! They also let us in on information that a lot of the Bloodlines trailers are filmed in this very office. If you are a Vampire Academy fan and you haven’t see the trailers than you can watch them here. The whole building was a bibliomaniacs dream and I didn’t want to leave!

VA Slide

Now if you are wondering if we all fan-girled over Vampire Academy and Bloodlines for most of the time, then you’d be 100% correct. When it comes to Richelle Mead’s world of Dhampirs, Moroi and Dimitri Belikov, nothing else in life is more important and all we really love to do is swoon over one particular Russian guardian. As you can tell, we’re all extremely excited for the release of Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters in cinemas on Valentine’s Day 2014. The main reason for this may be because of Danila Kozlovsky.. SWOON! It’s been a long wait since the first VA book to the first movie release and the fandom is going nuts!

Will and Jen

Moving on from the fan-girling, we did get to hear from two of Penguin’s newest authors, Will Kostakis and Jen Kloester. They talked about their new novels and the process they use when they write, “character is story and story is character”. I absolutely loved the two of them and they are such nice people. I’m looking forward to reading Will’s book ‘The First Third’ and Jen’s book ‘The Cinderella Moment’ and will be posting the reviews, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out! 

After all this book-loving fun, we got to hear about the new releases coming out this year. I’m taking notes and preparing myself for some serious reading time cause I will not have a life for the rest of 2013 and I’m okay with that.

New releases for the remainder of 2013:

The Fall of FiveHouse of HadesDaylighters

ChampionRebel SpringThe Fiery Heart

Along with the new releases, we also got to hear a reading from The Fiery Heart. I cannot wait to get my hands on the book because the exclusive that we heard was an ‘Oh My Gosh’ moment. The wait till November is going to be a long one.

Thank-you for having us Penguin Teen Australia. I had a whole lot of fun and wish we could have PTA Live every night! :)

– Emily-Jane.


4 thoughts on “Event: #PTALive Melbourne

  1. It was such an awesome night! I loved that there was a decent chunk of time dedicated to all things VA too :) great review, and thanks again for taking our picture at reception for us #grateful

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