Review: Black Flag (Racing on the Edge #2) by Shey Stahl


When the taste you thought you never needed becomes a thirst you cannot quench, then what? Jameson Riley, a NASCAR rookie driver, and Sway Reins, his pregnant girlfriend, are put to the test. They have love; they have lust, and a bond that proves to be vital. But do they have what it takes to make it through his lifestyle. When tested, it’s either fight, or give in. Two things Jameson has a hard time drawing a line between. Desperate for the series title in his rookie season, Jameson becomes engrossed in the battle between himself and rival driver Darrin Torres. After a horrific crash in Pocono, Darrin attempts to even the score when his warnings do nothing to deter Jameson and his diligent focus on his dream and his family. Between the blurred lines of love and racing, and the weight of the world on his shoulders, can this racing prodigy achieve what he was born to do?


5 star review!

I’m going to say it again.. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! Being an Australian that loves American sports, including NASCARs, I froth all over this series.

The second book follows on after the accident that has landed Jameson in hospital. I was smiling, laughing and crying while reading this all over again!

“So there I sat, listening to the woman that owned my heart and soul cry because I broke hers once again. She trusted me with everything and once again, I let her down. She loved me and I hurt her.”

In the accident, Jameson is seriously injured but Sway has some news for him that is beyond exciting. I still can’t help but giggle at the pranks pulled in this series; I wonder what my sisters would think if I pulled them on them? HEHE!! :D

Darrin Torres is still a major threat to Jameson and Sway. He inflicts a whole lot of pain on the Riley family. Jameson serves him a can of whoop-ass because you sure as shit don’t mess with the Riley family; especially Sway!

“Happily ever after isn’t important. What’s in front of you is. Happy right now is what’s important.”

There is marriages, there is babies, there is unfortunate death and there is a championship. This book will pull at all you heartstrings and make you fall in love some more with the entire Riley family. I just want to hug Jameson every time he is vulnerable and emotional. I hope you feel the same way! :)

“To me, this, was worth all those sacrifices racing on the edge. I was a champion.”

Available to purchase on Amazon.
My series reading order:
~ Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge #1)
~ Black Flag  (Racing on the Edge #2)
~ The Champion  (Racing on the Edge #4)
~ The Legend  (Racing on the Edge #5)
~ Trading Paint  (Racing on the Edge #3) – I read this last because it is a recount of Jameson and Sway’s relationship from childhood until Black Flag in the POV’s of those characters that weren’t shown in Happy Hour and Black Flag.

– Emily-Jane.


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